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Quality built single and double storey Sydney homes by Medallist homes. With exceptional workmanship and outstanding attention to detail, Medallist Homes are Sydney’s number one choice for incredible new homes. Furthermore, Medallist Homes is committed to excellence as an industry leading home builder. That’s why we’ll work with your needs and budget to produce the best outcome for your new single or double storey.

What is the best layout for a Single or Double Storey Home in Sydney?

People ask us all the time: “What is the best layout for a single or double storey home in Sydney?” There are a number of different factors to consider when determining the best layout for your new single or double storey home in Sydney. When it comes to the layout of your new home, it really depends on your needs for it to be practical. For instance, if you like to get out of the house a lot, maybe something smaller and lower maintenance would be more desirable. On the other hand, if you really value your space, perhaps larger bedrooms is something that you’d really want.

Whatever your unique needs might be, Medallist Homes will have a designer home to suit. Alternatively, we also work with world-class architects that can design a custom home tailored to you needs.

When determining the best layout for your new home, you should consider:

  • How many bedrooms you may need. If you’re planning on having children, having enough room in the house to cater to children is quite important. Room sizes also make a difference as you may be able to fit multiple children in the same room.
  • The bathroom situation. Determine how many people (or children) will be in the house. Generally, dividing the number of people in the house by 2 will give you a good idea of how many bathrooms are necessary.
  • An open floor plan. Most modern custom and designer homes should have an open floor plan. However, ensure that any design you are after, has an open floor plan. This improves the practicality and flexibility of your space. It is also ideal for young children so that you can monitor them more easily. Ensuring that your view of the backyard is unobstructed is another bonus that you should look out for so that you can easily monitor kids and pets.
  • Flow and practicality. Imagine walking through your new home (on paper). Is it going to be practical based on everyday movements? Can you easily go from your car with groceries to your kitchen? Will packing laundry away add to any clutter? Does each bedroom have privacy?
  • Having a convenient laundry room/space. With young kids, the laundry can be never ending. Additionally, having your laundry near the kitchen may make it easier to work in the kitchen or multitask in your living area whilst also being able to and hear the washing machine and dryer so you know when each cycle ends.
  • Have adequate storage space. Depending on your lifestyle, storage space is essential. Whether you enjoy the outdoors or indoors, you will need adequate space to store different things such as bicycles, kitchen appliances, tools, etc. Storage needs to be in a practical space and easily accessible depending on the items frequency of use.
  • Designating a playroom for young children. A small office or sun room may make a great playroom for when they’re being loud or make a mess. A designated playroom should be able to keep your living area less cluttered.
  • Outdoor living. Sydney is known for some incredible weather. Backyard firepits in the winter and lounging around most other times of the year. Perfect weather for barbeques all year round! Make the most of your outdoor space for adults to and children to enjoy. Additionally, an undercover outdoor area can be great for hot summers and rainy days. Consider what your needs are
  • Your budget. At the end of the day, you need to consider your budget. You should also consider the future cost of adding something to your home. It might be more worthwhile to pay a little extra to sort out what you need initially. Extending and existing home can be relatively expensive, ruin the aesthetic of your home and often isn’t as practical as a brand new home. Nevertheless, you may need to compromise on size if your needs well exceed your budget. The professional team also specialises in building homes to suit all different budgets and needs.

How do I pick a Floor Plan for my New Home?

Picking the right floor plan for your new home can be difficult as it is a big decision. Whilst looking through a number of different floor plans, consider the practicality of each. Picture yourself walking through everyday and see whether it is practical. Speak to friends and family to see what their perspectives are from their experience.

Medallist Homes has an incredible range of modern designer homes. Each has been thoughtfully designed by industry-leading world-class architects with a strong focus on practicality and modern design elements. Consider one of our immaculate designer homes which have been created to cater to a diverse range of needs. They feature a variety of functional, open and versatile floor plans.

Additionally, if you’re still not satisfied with a designer home floor plan, our incredible architects will be able to help you design your dream custom home in Sydney. Whether it’s a one or two story home, our incredible architects can work with any landscape to create your dream home.

How long does it take to build a New Home in Sydney?

On average, building a new one or two storey home in Sydney can take between 4-12 months. Smaller simpler houses can be built in as little as 4 months. On the other hand, if the profile of your land is complicated, demolition, excavation and foundations may take a long time to achieve. Hence, some complicated multi-storey homes may take over a year to construct.

Some of the factors to consider when building a new home in Sydney include:

  • The size of the new home. The bigger the structure, the more is involved to ensure that it is structurally safe and sound.
  • Complexity of design. The more complex the design of the new home is, the longer it will take to build.
  • The number of levels involved. The more levels that are involved, the stronger the foundations and supporting structure will need to be. This could potentially add to the approval times and will add to the preparation and construction time.
  • Complexity of the landscape, accessibility and preparing the site for construction. The complexity of your landscape or profile of your land will affect the ability to access land, demolish, excavate and construct. Think of a flat piece of land as opposed to a steep property by the water. Or think about building on sand as opposed to soil or clay. If you have a rather complex piece of land, then you should expect that things may move slightly slower.
  • Fortunately, Sydney is home to some fantastic weather. However, we aren’t immune to mother nature. Sometimes long periods of wet weather and storms can affect construction times.
  • Supply of materials. Depending on supply and demand, some materials may be in short supply which can cause a delay to construction.
  • The more complex the design and the difficulty of the landscape when constructing a new home, the more scrutiny development applications will receive. Be aware that approvals may move slowly and can add to the delay of your expected delivery date.
  • Revisions to designs and planning. Should you change your mind about the design of your new home once all plans have been approved, then revisions may delay your project. So carefully consider your plans before you make the ‘final’ decision.

Who designs floor plans for Single and Double Storey Homes in Sydney?

Whilst architects design the floor plan and overall aesthetics of single and double storey homes in Sydney, they also ensure that the design is practical for living and meets the requirements of the client. On the other hand, an engineer will ensure that the architectural designs can facilitate structural integrity; that is, ensuring that the way the new home is designed will allow for the right structural supports for safety and compliance reasons.

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