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Property in Sydney is always becoming harder to afford. So, your next best investment could be a duplex! Duplexes can be a great investment for property owners looking to make the most out of their land. Furthermore, Medallist Homes is committed to excellence as an industry leading home builder. That’s why we’ll work with your needs and budget to produce the best outcome for your new custom or designer duplex.

Why build a Duplex in Sydney?

A duplex can offer a variety of benefits including flexibility and opportunity. Also, a duplex allows property owners to obviously earn rental income from a tenant living in the neighbouring unit. On the other hand, a duplex may also allow family to live closer together whilst also having their own private space. This can be great for older children, elderly parents or potentially another family. So, why wouldn’t you upgrade your home to a brand-new home with plenty of opportunity?

Furthermore, when choosing a builder, make sure that you choose someone who is experienced, reliable and is able to finish your home with robust fittings. That way, you can minimise the long-term maintenance costs and also maximise the comfort of each unit. For instance, an experienced builder and design team will ensure that each unit has adequate lighting, ventilation, drainage, noise suppression, etc. So, choose Medallist homes for incredibly comfortable, low maintenance and reliable duplex constructions in Sydney.

What is a Duplex?

A duplex is a single residential building that has two separate units or homes. The building exists on one land title which means that one person (or a single entity such as a company or trust) owns the land and the building. Furthermore, duplexes can share a common (or central) wall, or a duplex may separate units on different levels.

What is the difference between a townhouse and a Duplex?

A duplex is a single building with only two residences and a single owner whereas a townhouse is a dwelling that shares walls with neighbours and each residence is individually owned. Furthermore, a townhouse may have more than two residences per building. Consequently, a duplex may be a great investment opportunity for existing home owners.

Why should I consider building a Duplex in Sydney?

Love where you live and want to grow? A duplex may be the perfect solution for homeowners in Sydney. Sydney housing affordability is becoming more difficult every year. If you would like to enjoy the flexibility and opportunity associated with owning a duplex, then speak to the Sydney duplex experts at Medallist homes. Our reliable, comfortable and practical duplexes are designed to last and be low maintenance.

Some benefits of owning a duplex include:

  • Being a great investment opportunity. A duplex can provide the opportunity to earn rental income to pay off a mortgage quicker.
  • Improving the value of your property. If you ever wanted to sell your property a duplex would be a more attractive option as it allows the new buyer to pay off a mortgage more easily.
  • Incredible flexibility. A duplex can be rented to short or long-term tenants including Airbnb. Additionally, if you ever wanted family to live closer for support or for convenience, a duplex could provide privacy for family members such as older children, older parents or potentially another family. Additionally, you may be able to split the title units into separate titles if you ever wanted to sell half.
  • Potentially lower heating and cooling bills. By sharing a common wall, your property is more protected from the elements. This may result in your home being cooler during summers (less heat coming in) and warmer during winters (less heat escaping).

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