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Medallist Homes is an Australian industry leader in Custom and Designer Homes delivering only the highest quality results. Your next incredible custom or designer home should be completed by the best in the business.

Medallist Homes have custom and designer homes options available to suit all budgets and needs so get in touch with our experienced team today!

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Your next custom or designer home should be built by the best in the business. With exceptional workmanship and outstanding attention to detail, Medallist Homes are Sydney’s number one choice for incredible new homes. Furthermore, Medallist Homes is committed to excellence as an industry leading home builder. That’s why we’ll work with your needs and budget to produce the best outcome for your custom or designer home.

What is the difference between a custom and a designer home?

A custom home is one that is designed just for you by an architect to your specifications whereas a designer home has been designed by an architect to suit the needs of many. Additionally, by choosing a designer home, you will usually have some options that you can choose from that will allow you to add some degree of customisation to your new home.

By choosing Medallist Homes, we guarantee that you’ll be impressed by our custom and designer home options. That’s because we only use experienced industry-recognised architects that are at the forefront of modern design principles and are true pioneers in their field. As a result, not only will your new home exemplify a world-class design, but it will also be designed for practicality to suit your needs and it will truly feel like a home; not just another ‘cookie-cutter’ solution.

How much does it cost to design a custom home in Sydney?

The cost of a custom designed home in Sydney is cheaper than you’d think. It will, however, depend on a number of factors including how many bedrooms, bathrooms, storeys, etc that you’d like. Get in touch with the experienced team at Medallist Homes to discuss a quote for a custom designed home in Sydney. Our genuine approach to high quality builds will ensure that you’ll be happy every time you come home to your incredibly built and well-designed custom home.

The Perfect Sydney Designer Homes

If you’ve been thinking about knocking down and rebuilding a brand-new designer home in Sydney, then stop and consider the experienced team at Medallist Homes. Not only do our designer home packages feature a range of practical and unique designs, but they also a feature a range of options available to cater to a variety of needs and lifestyles. Hence, Medallist Homes can deliver the perfect designer home to suit your needs.

Building the Perfect Custom Home in Sydney

Sydney is home to a diverse landscape as well as a diverse people. Each lifestyle is unique and each property may be unique. A custom home may be a great way to seamlessly integrate your home into your unique landscape or cater to accurately meet your each and every need. Your home should be your castle and it should feel like a home.

Furthermore, building a custom home in Sydney should be done the right way. Your property and your needs may be unique so ensure that your space, comfort and level of luxury is catered to adequately. Is your custom home builder organising competent architects to take advantage of and best utilise your unique landscape? Are they ensuring that there is enough light entering your home whilst also addressing your privacy? What about the finishings?

Medallist Homes specialises in producing world-class custom designs that are completed with reliable high-quality builds. That means using durable materials, experienced builders and industry-leading practices to ensure the longevity and reliability of your home and comfort.

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The Path To A Truly Unique Project

Achieving the home of your dreams, within your budget, requires expertise and the right process to be accomplished.

Our design-build process offers our clients the opportunity to obtain integrated architectural design, engineering and construction services from a single accountable source.

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“At Medallist Homes we are committed to building the perfect home for your family without any compromises. That is exactly why your dream home will also be a healthy, high-quality building carefully constructed using the latest methods and technologies.”

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At Medallist Homes, we make it our life mission to build better projects through the use of innovative construction applications and the latest technological advances available.

Our Projects bring to life the expertise, quality, and safety culture that defines the Medallist Homes philosophy of excellence.